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Asian-inspired cuisine from our authentic Chinese kitchen built two generations ago made the way your family would – that’s food with heart. Try SUMM!


Spring Rolls

There are few Asian foods that are as widely known and loved as the spring roll. Originating in China, spring rolls were an integral part of Spring Festival celebrations. Carrying forward these traditions, our secret family recipe uses the freshest ingredients and our light and crispy wrapper to form a winning combination.

SUMM! Spring Rolls on a black plate with sauce

Gyoza Dumplings

Our traditional gyoza start with house-made dough, thinly rolled and filled with fresh, savoury ingredients. From there, we steam each batch to seal in the juicy perfection. Great as an appetizer or served as an accompaniment to your favourite noodles. Choose from a selection of tasty pork, chicken or vegetable fillings. SUMM! Gyoza are sure to satisfy!

SUMM! Gyoza on a plate with green onions and sauce


A crowd favourite in the SUMM! family, Dessert Rolls fly off the shelves wherever they are stocked. They’re a handheld apple pie delight topped with delicious caramel sauce – easy to eat, and like a warm hug for your tummy! Our Dessert Rolls taste extra awesome with vanilla ice cream, which makes them a wonderful treat for any time of year.

SUMM! Apple Pie Rolls with caramel sauce drizzled on top on a plate

See what people have to say about our products

Need more reason to try our products? See what other people have to say about it!

John B

“Had your Pork Spring Rolls for the 3rd time and YUMMY! Just a great product. Thanks. Customer for life… “

Jere P

“Would just like to compliment your Company on your fine products. For the second time, we have enjoyed your “crispy vegetable spring rolls”, they are delicious and we look forward to consuming more in the future… other products as well. On the box, it states ” we welcome your comments “, so there you have one. Thank you.”

Trina S

“I normally do not purchase gyoza ( outside of restaurants) as I am never pleased….AND I never leave reviews (good or bad, for no other reason than I just don’t ) but you have proven me wrong on both accounts… I am currently finishing off a 10 pack of your pork & shitake….mind blown! So so so good. Well done. I will for sure purchase again.”

Elaine S

“Hi, just want to let you know that the “crispy vegetable spring rolls” are excellent! It is “really crispy”!! and tasty. The first time I bought it was from Costco a few months ago; now it becomes a reason to shop at Costco.”

Tera H

“Please bring Apple Pie Rolls to Texas! These are the best things ever!!!!”

Hungry for Summ!?

Fulfill your craving right now – find our products in the fresh section at a store near you.

Crispy Vegetable Spring Roll Package and Edamame Gyoza Dumpling Package right behind it

Busy life doesn’t have to mean boring food

As a company founded by a busy mom, we get that you want to bring some excitement to your table without the work that comes along with making it from scratch. Getting something quickly but delicious can be a challenge but not when you have SUMM! products in your fridge. Ready in minutes and something that everyone at your table can enjoy!

SUMM! Spring Rolls

Fresh Ingredients

That’s how we deliver the best quality and taste.

Quick to Serve

They’re easy to heat, and ready in just minutes.

Authentic Taste

Delicious flavours from two generations of our family.


Food from the Heart

Food is an important part of the Chinese culture, and it’s from these roots that our company was built. We provide the same quality products, made in small batches, that we did when we first opened our doors in 1986. That’s why our guiding principles reflect the heart of our business.