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The History of SUMM!

In 1986, the Lui Family set out on a quest: to provide high quality frozen dim sum to the Vancouver market in a small storefront on Cambie Street. They specialized in hand-rolled spring rolls, potstickers, wontons and many more Chinese delicacies. They soon became a neighbourhood favourite and had their customers wanting more. Today, SUMM! provides the same quality products made from the heart, now available across Canada and the United States.

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Food from the Heart

Food is an incredibly important part of the Chinese culture, where even common greetings will include enquiries about whether or not one has eaten. It is from these cultural roots that Fine Choice Foods was built.

Providing food that is authentic, delicious, yet easy to prepare was key to our business. We wanted to treat our customers as family, and wanted them to feel the hospitality of our family when they tried our wide variety of offerings.

We get that life is busy, but we want you to know that “we’ve got you.” Life has always taken a village of support, and the present time is no exception. We take care of you by doing the prep work on authentic family recipes started from scratch, so that you can fire up the kitchen and take it the last mile, serving it hot and fresh to the ones you love. We give you the convenience that doesn’t cut corners.

Our Vision: For everyone to love our food as much as we do!

SUMM! Spring Rolls and Gyoza Dumplings

What makes SUMM! different?

As a business built over two generations, it was important to us that we didn’t lose the care and passion that allowed us to thrive all these years. We wanted to capture the essence of what the family built and, as such, worked closely with our tenured team to extract and develop our Guiding Principles. These principles capture our defining characteristics and the heart of our business – that’s food with heart.

Listen, Learn Teach & Grow

Win Together

Be Creative & Better Every Day

Be Caring & Careful

Honour Our Roots, Embrace Our Future

Taste the Passion

Living up to our name

We treat our ingredients like family, crafting our foods with attention, love and care. Each ingredient has a role to play, a story to tell, and a plate to fill. This doesn’t stop at the food that we make; you’ll notice on our packaging a unique design that represents our Chinese heritage. This special patterning was art that we commissioned from Lydia Jiang, a family member of our team. The artwork is created from traditional Chinese Paper Cutting and is rich in meaning, representing happiness, blessings, and good fortune. There are 10 unique patterns which were each designed with a different auspicious meaning.  Look further and you’ll even see our original Chinese name, “Ru Yi”, carved out as a traditional stamp. Our heritage runs strong!