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Embracing energy solutions

We work with industry partners like BC Hydro to implement modern technology to help reduce electrical consumption in all areas of our business. So far, we’ve implemented energy-efficient lighting, heat recovery ventilators, higher-rated insulation, and computer-controlled refrigeration. Our efforts have reduced our electrical consumption by 384,000 kWh/year, which is the equivalent of 35 average households for an entire year!

And we’re not done; we’re always looking for ways to further improve our energy efficiency.

Recycling initiatives

We’re proud members of Recycle BC, and voluntary stewards of recycling programs across Canada! But what does that mean we do? We’re always looking for more ways to be responsible about end-of-life management for our packaging. We also send 100% of our used cooking oil for filtering and sterilization to become feed fat and commercially approved biodiesel.

All of our recyclable beverage containers and paper products are also recycled on a bi-weekly basis.

Waste reduction

At Summ!, we are constantly thinking about ways to reduce our waste and our environmental footprint. We work with partners to make greater use of our raw materials, to use more sustainable packaging whenever possible, and to find more ways to incorporate recycled and renewable materials into our packaging and processes.

We like challenges and are constantly pushing ourselves as a company to produce less and less landfill waste each year.