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With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Fine Choice Foods is committed to taking
proactive measures to help ensure the safety of our employees and the communities
we serve.

In response to the pandemic, we are actively working to ensure the health, wellness
and safety of all by following guidance set by public health experts. Every day we aim to
strengthen our protective measures in place by continuously monitoring and
evaluating them.

Here is what we are doing:

Supporting employees

We enforce any employees with COVID-19 symptoms to stay home until they are
cleared to return. If anyone has recently travelled abroad or has been in contact with
anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or is a presumptive case, they must selfisolate until cleared. The return to work date of an employee is determined by the
combined effort from the Human Resources and the Health and Safety department.
We are also committed to keeping employees updated on any news as it is announced
federally, provincially or from the various health agencies. These items are discussed
with employees and posted on notice boards, lunchrooms and around the facility.

We are taking all reasonable precautions

We are focused on eliminating the risk of transmission but in areas where this is not
possible, we implement additional controls to reduce the risk. Some preventative
efforts include:

  • Increasing physical distancing when possible
  • Mandatory face masks and face shields when physical distancing is not
  • Staggered start times and break times
  • Additional lunchrooms and break rooms
  • Ongoing reminder to all staff to remain home when feeling sick
  • Additional hand sanitization stations.

We are focused on cleanliness and sanitation within our facility.

In addition to our sanitation process, we have increased the frequency of several
cleaning tasks, with focus on high touch-point surfaces, including door handles,
handrails, tables and washrooms.

We are limiting exposure to outside entities

Since the beginning of the pandemic, all non-essential visitor plant meetings have been cancelled or hosted via conference calls. We have also implemented a policy requesting for all delivery drivers to remain in their truck cabs and to refrain from entering our facility.

All procedures and protocols put in place to reduce risk of COVID-19 will remain in
place at Fine Choice Foods until regulatory bodies have deemed the pandemic to have concluded for their affected jurisdiction.